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Service Learning

Female students assisting older adult in playing wii video gameService learning embodies NC State’s commitment to its land grant mandate, as well as PRTM’s core belief, that parks and recreation should enrich the quality of lives within communities and improve the health and well-being of society.

Our unique program gives PRTM students an opportunity to work in the profession and gain valuable hands-on experience. We partner with local parks and recreation departments, community agencies and non-profit organizations so that students receive a variety of experiences.

Service Learning students learn firsthand how to plan, implement and operate a parks and recreation program geared toward a specific audience, thus tracking an idea from inception through to implementation and evaluation. This hands-on experience is enriched with exercises in reflection via personal journals and other feedback, plus academic enrichment on program-relevant topics.

While all of these benefits contribute to a richer learning experience, most Service Learning students report that the civic engagement lessons provided them with a greater appreciation of the critical role parks and recreation provides when it comes to creating and linking local communities, in an otherwise global and, often, impersonal world.

Check out our Student Profiles for comments from PRTM, PGM and SMT students.

The success of PRTM's popular service-learning activities is attributed to the leadership and volunteer hours provided by PRTM faculty and students.  Over 100 students are involved annually and participate in the planning and implementation of a variety of programs for local parks, community centers and other recreational facilities.  Not only does this program provide hands-on learning for students, it helps local organizations make the most of limited staff and budgets, provides area residents with programs that enrich their lives and helps create a sense of community between and among NC State and the many neighborhoods it serves. 

For more information contact: Candace Goode Vick